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Ciphr : The Manpower Indices Report – An explanation of the report’s content and calculations


The Manpower Indices report is a standard report within Ciphr People. By default, the report is located within the ‘Reports’ > ‘Manpower’ menu.

The report output is broken down into three distinct sections; Stability Index, Skill Conservation Index, Labour Wastage.

When a user runs the report, they should be prompted for a date. This user specified date is used in each of the three report sections, detailed below.

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Ciphr : How can I use the same field twice in a Ciphr report to show different values (e.g. point in time and current)?

You may wish to include the same field more than once in one report, in order that different values can be reported on – one example would be wanting to show someone’s current department information alongside their department information as at a point in time.

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Free Payroll Briefing Paper : Balancing Cost and Service Quality

Read the Payroll briefing paper below, or download a PDF copy.
Executive Summary

With payroll departments under relentless pressure to cut costs and improve efficiency, this Briefing Paper examines what options are open to organisations looking to make both short-term and long-term improvements. Focusing on the difficult balance between reducing costs and maintaining service quality, it argues that organisations should weigh up a combination of strategic and tactical steps. In particular, the Paper argues that:

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone!

“At the end of 2008, SkillSoft UK Ltd carried out an online survey designed to examine the levels of stress UK workers were under. We were keen to establish what made people feel stressed at work and what they thought would be the main contributor to their stress levels in the coming year.

We were interested to find out what percentage of UK workers have been off work due to stress and if they had informed their employer that stress was the reason for their absence. We were also interested to understand how they dealt with their levels of stress both in the work place and away from work, as well as establishing how the symptoms of stress manifested themselves.”

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CIP Newsletter : Client Event, Free Outsourcing Paper, Online Support & More!

EVENTS : Save money whilst making the most of WHO you’ve got!

This event will look at the proven cost-savings that can be achieved by addressing key areas such as your wage, absence, benefits, expense and recruitment bills – getting the most out of who you’ve currently got!

Book your FREE place(s) on our cost-saving event and complete
this pre-event questionnaire and you’ll be eligible to receive our free guide on “How your business can save money today”. The first 20 delegates that book & attend one of these events will also receive a complementary one day training course at our Marlow offices (worth £295*).

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Hosted Services – Benefits, Challenges and Trends in HR, Finance and Payroll ‘Software as a Service’


“From automation to business intelligence: the next generation of hosted services”

An analysis of the benefits, challenges and trends in HR, Finance and Payroll ‘Software as a Service’


If you’d suggested at the the turn of the century that hosted services would be firmly established as a mainstream model for running business software, you’d have been greeted with derision. The model – also known as Software
as a Service (SaaS) – got of to an inauspicious start, blighted by a combination of technology problems and the dot com colapse. Today, however, it’s an established form of outsourcing in a broad range of business disciplines, from customer management to people management.

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Expense Management Article Featured in “A Director’s Guide”

The Expense Management briefing paper, written by Webster Buchanan Research in association with Computers In Personnel has been featured in a recent issue of ‘A Director’s Guide’.

“In a cost-cutting environment, expenses are often the first area to come under fire.And while monitoring and pruning spend may bring immediate results, close attention to the actual expense management process could bring greater benefit in the long term.

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Free HR Briefing Paper : Expense Management, from Efficiency to Effective Procurement


Travel, entertainment and other non-PO expenses represent a significant outlay for most organisations, but many concede that they exercise poor control over their expenditure. Frequently relying on in-house spreadsheet templates to capture and allocate expense data, their processes are often time-consuming and inefficient, and many struggle to enforce employee compliance. Above all, while they actively seek out economies of scale in other areas of procurement, many organisations are missing the opportunity to analyse their expensed outlays and consolidate suppliers.

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Event, May 8th : Save money whilst making the most of who you’ve got. Book your place!

This event will look at the proven cost-savings that can be achieved by addressing key areas such as your wage, absence, benefits, expense and recruitment bills – getting the most out of who you’ve currently got!

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