Expense Management Article Featured in “A Director’s Guide”

The Expense Management briefing paper, written by Webster Buchanan Research in association with Computers In Personnel has been featured in a recent issue of ‘A Director’s Guide’.

“In a cost-cutting environment, expenses are often the first area to come under fire.And while monitoring and pruning spend may bring immediate results, close attention to the actual expense management process could bring greater benefit in the long term.

There are, as this guide explains, a number of reasons why organisations incur additional and often unnecessary costs in this area. For example:

. Laborious manual input of expenses information (e.g. credit card statements)
. Inconsistent supply of information leading to errors
. Claims falling outside ‘agreed’ parameters
. Multiple and time-consuming approvals
. Systems not geared to re-claiming VAT

This article explains how process automation can remove some of these pains by managing workflows, centralising information and imposing tighter controls.

I trust you will find this article of interest.”

- John Beech, MD, Access Accounting

View and download the full article here.