Feeling stressed? You’re not alone!

“At the end of 2008, SkillSoft UK Ltd carried out an online survey designed to examine the levels of stress UK workers were under. We were keen to establish what made people feel stressed at work and what they thought would be the main contributor to their stress levels in the coming year.

We were interested to find out what percentage of UK workers have been off work due to stress and if they had informed their employer that stress was the reason for their absence. We were also interested to understand how they dealt with their levels of stress both in the work place and away from work, as well as establishing how the symptoms of stress manifested themselves.”

The independent online study was conducted at the end of November 2008 and involved 3,000 respondents from organisations of all sizes and demographics.

Survey Highlights

  • 92.4% – The percentage of people that find life at work stressful all, or at least some of the time.
  • 76.7% – The respondents that feel stressed before they come to work.
  • 33.7% – The percentage of respondents who are stressed about their workload increasing in the coming year.
  • 38.5% – Londoners are the most likely to be stressed by their commute to work.
  • 39.1% – The Welsh are least likely to be stressed by their workload.
  • 43.6% – Workers getting stressed out with colleagues seen as not pulling their weight.

    Current and Future Causes of Stress

    The top 5 reasons cited for causing stress:

  • 50.2% – Workload.
  • 34.8% – Feeling undervalued/lack of job satisfaction.
  • 34% – Not enough hours in the day.
  • 30.1% – Frustration with working environment, culture & policies.
  • 23.1% – Lack of control over your day.

    Download the full survey at HR Zone.

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