Client Event Summary : Thanks to those who attended!

On Friday 8th May, CIP held a client event in Euston, London. The purpose of the day was to discuss the current economic situation, how our clients are currently dealing with it, and how CIP can help our clients through these difficult times.

23 clients attended from 17 organisations to discuss the challenges they face, with very constructive interaction throughout the day.

The day began at 9:45 with clients arriving, registering and taking 5 minutes after a rainy journey to have a cup of coffee and dry out.

The Top 3 Challenges Faced Today

The first activity of the day was to discuss the top 3 challenges faced by our clients, which were ‘How to retain and reward’, ‘Reducing costs in our business’ and ‘Reducing absence costs’. The attendees were split into 3 groups (one for each challenge), to discuss and record these issues and document how their companies are currently dealing with them. A breakdown (from the flip charts on the day) of each of the 3 areas can be found below:

How to retain and reward?

  1. Career development
  2. Training
  3. Loyalty bonus schemes
  4. Reduce cost base (company functions and refurbishments)
  5. Appraisal system/process
  6. Employee recognition
  7. Profile recognition
  8. Re-assess values (company and individual goals)
  9. Communication (staff praise and visibility)
  10. Service rewards (pensions)
  11. Maintain company reputation
  12. Benefits (legal advice, income protection, private medical etc)

How can we reduce costs within our business?

  1. Redundancy
  2. Restructure through job analysis, reviewing role profiles, personal development and career structure
  3. Pay decreases
  4. Short time working
  5. Review benefits
  6. Job sharing
  7. Flexible working
  8. Working from home
  9. In house training
  10. Unpaid sickness
  11. Improved management of sickness absence
  12. Re-evaluate systems, policies and operations
  13. Avoid litigation
  14. Review corporate strategy
  15. Accurate data for more informed decisions
  16. Integrate systems ‘get online’ (thanks Gloria!)
  17. Video conferencing as opposed to travel and on site meetings
  18. Online phone calls to avoid telephone bills (Skype etc)

How can we reduce absence costs?

  1. Review policy
  2. Better use of the Bradford Factor (one client reported a 50% reduction in absence after implementing)
  3. Analyse absence costs
  4. Improve ‘wellness’
  5. Use of Occupational Health
  6. Implement Employee Assistance Programmes
  7. Consistent return to work interviews
  8. Private Medical Insurance

Ciphr Masterclass

Rob Oehlers, CIP’s Senior Account Development Manager then ran though some tips and tricks within Ciphr and how areas of the system can be utilised to record and report on areas of the business commonly stored in third party software, normally at an additional cost.

Your Wage Bill

Following this session, CIP’s Principle HR Consultant, John Vivian discussed the advantages of CIP’s outsourcing service. This service can not only be used to save the HR team time, in order that they can then concentrate on proactive areas such as business strategy (rather than reactive duties), but also to utilise CIP’s expertise with Ciphr and Compel. The advantage of this service is that CIP can complete tasks on our clients behalf in the most efficient and effective way. John also discussed how CIP can help HR to become a strategic partner, and how HR can affect their biggest company asset, its people.

Examples of this could be some of the things listed below…

  • Complex report writing
  • Maintenance of Code Tables
  • Running regular processes
  • Facilitating data transfer between systems
  • Uploading salary review data
  • Provision of regular Management Information

The service is not limited to the list above, these are simply some examples.

Lunch was then enjoyed with a large selection of sandwiches, fruit and drinks!

Managing Risks To Protect Your Bottom Line Via Improved Absence Control

Matt Bergmann Smith continued the cost saving theme of the day with a presentation on the financial damage caused by unplanned absence, how acting quickly and effectively can save your business costs and how Absence Manager can be used to greatly assist with this task.

Your Expense Bill

Phillip King, CIP’s Head of New Business Sales, then demonstrated Expense On Demand, CIP’s online expense management system. The advantages of which include:

  • Expense claim tracking to enable the employee to see the status of the claim through to approval
  • Automatic mileage calculation using postcodes which has proved to save huge amounts of money by avoiding the ‘rounding up’ of mileage claimed by employees
  • Policy enforcement – rules can be set up such as maximums for claims for lunch, entertainment etc that will automatically be rejected should they be exceeded

Your Recruitment Bill

Vince Kilcoyne covered the importance and effectiveness of companies continued effort to attract talent through both their recruitment process and effectiveness of communication to applicants.

You and Swine Flu

Sean Worthington was next up, with a presentation on Ciphr Control Centre. Business continuity seems to be at the fore-front of most company’s strategies currently, due to the news reports of Swine Flu. Control Centre is an extremely effective way of contacting your employees should the need arise through such situations as terrorist threat, flood or pandemics. The system can be configured to contact employees by phone, text, email or a mixture of the three to ensure that your staff get the message. The system will continue to contact the employees until it gets through and you can track the progress in real time, VERY clever!

You can also very clearly see what percentage of the employees will be contactable using the communication types you have chosen, during the configuration – so that if the worst should happen, you can be confident that you have all of the bases covered.

Being hosted, you can also access Control Centre from anywhere (what’s the point in your communication software being on site if you can’t get into the office?!).

End of Play Quiz

A quick quiz was the final session of the day. 10 questions covering both topics discussed during the day and also general knowledge.

The quiz (and a bottle of bubbly) was won by Tracy Smith from Group NBT (well done Tracy!)

Products Covered

The products/services covered during the day which can save your company time and money were;

A big thank you from CIP to all those that attended!

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