Ciphr : How Can I Add Fields to the Subset Screen in Ciphr?

These instructions should only be followed by a user with an advanced level of knowledge of the Ciphr application, who has attended the System Manager training course.

For this example, we will look at a system which has had some Further Information fields added to the Personal Details area, to store Keycard information (for information on how this has been achieved, please see the Helpdesk Information Sheet entitled ‘How To Use Information Fields To Store Additional Information In Ciphr’)

We will outline how to add the ‘Keycard Category’ field to the subset selection screen, so a user can easily produce a list of records with access of a certain level. In our example, members of staff can have a Keycard which is ‘Level 1′, ‘Level 2′, or ‘Level 3′:

Firstly, we need to establish which Further Information field has been configured to store the ‘Keycard Category’. This can be found by checking the list of Personal Details further information fields within the ‘Further Information Fields’ Configuration menu item:

In this example, the field in question is ‘Text 1′, as shown above.

The subset selection criteria fields are managed via the Subset Administration menu item, also located within the Configuration menu.

In the subset screen, the ‘Subset Creation’ tab allows records to be selected via ‘Quick Selection’ or ‘Advanced Selection’. When using ‘Advanced Selection’, the selection criteria can be based on either Personal Details or Job and Pay information.

The subset administration screen is therefore divided across three tabs; Quick Selection, Advanced Selection – Persrec, and Advanced Selection – JobPay.

For this example, we will add the new ‘Keycard Category’ field to the ‘Advanced Selection – Persrec’ tab.

To add the new field, click on the ‘Advanced Selection – Persrec’ tab, then click the insert record button:

Next, click on the drop down arrow against the ‘Field’ box in the lower part of the screen to choose the desired field. In this case, we need to locate ‘PersrecClientFieldText1′ – the name we have given this field ‘Keycard Category’ will appear to the right of the field name:

As we are selecting a field from the Personal Details table, no table join is required – this box should therefore be left blank. If the field were from another table, an appropriate table join would have to be selected. Click the save button to complete the change.

When the subset screen is next accessed, the new field should be available in the drop down list as below:

The options available will filter through from the data in the system. That is to say that if this example system only contained records with ‘Level 1′ Keycard Categories assigned to them, only the ‘Level 1′ option would appear in the drop down list.