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Leading Technology with Voice Capture Absence Management

If you haven’t arrived directly from our absence landing page, please view it here!

Download Absence Management Information:

CIPD Absence Survey: This absence survey, published annually by the CIPD, highlights in detail the most common and problematic sources of sickness absence recorded throughout the UK – and includes information on the best means to tackle these.

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How Can I Apply Security To Further Information Fields?

Further Information fields can be added to various areas of Ciphr People to store different types of information. This article demonstrates how these further information fields can be added to security field groups for the purpose of restricting access to certain information.

These instructions are only suitable for use by System Administrator users of Ciphr, with extensive knowledge of setting up security/user roles.

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How Can Ciphr Decisions Be Used To Produce Management Information?

Compatible Versions: All Versions

Ciphr Decisions is a data analysis tool that allows users to look at virtually any combination of pre-selected fields. For example Basic pay displayed by Grade and then by Location. One of the strengths of Ciphr Decisions is that reports, even complex ones, are displayed instantly.

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CIP Sponsors MrZapCat charity event – Powerboating round the UK with no stops … and only one arm!

Computers In Personnel are proud to announce that we’re sponsoring Neil Bainbridge, who will be piloting his “Gemini Zapcat” power-boat around the UK in order to raise funds for two major charities – CLIC (Cancer and Leukaemia in Children) and the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

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