How Can Ciphr Decisions Be Used To Produce Management Information?

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Ciphr Decisions is a data analysis tool that allows users to look at virtually any combination of pre-selected fields. For example Basic pay displayed by Grade and then by Location. One of the strengths of Ciphr Decisions is that reports, even complex ones, are displayed instantly.

Personnel data is obviously important to a company’s management but it is also important that it is sorted and grouped so that the data is easily analysed. Ciphr Decisions is used as a dynamic data analysis tool that can instantly display virtually any variation of data that has been made available to the tool.

The main user screen can be seen below -

The totals or results are shown in the large area on the right hand side of the form . A total, such as basic pay, can be dragged and dropped in to this area from the Decisions Field List. A Column and a Row field must also be added around the Totals area.

The screen below shows the results of dragging the Location Description field in to the rows area and dragging the  Gender field in to the columns area.

Once the data analysis is on screen it is then possible to obtain more information by dragging in more fields such as OrgUnit1 (Department in this case). This will then give a greater level of detail available for each Location. To then see the staff within that Department,  Employee Name can be dragged and dropped in to the Report area.

This data can then be exported to Excel in the form of a pivot table and emailed so that other managers can also view it.

The above is one example based on Personal Data, but there are many other areas available for analysis such as Absence Data and Allowance data.