How Can I Apply Security To Further Information Fields?

Further Information fields can be added to various areas of Ciphr People to store different types of information. This article demonstrates how these further information fields can be added to security field groups for the purpose of restricting access to certain information.

These instructions are only suitable for use by System Administrator users of Ciphr, with extensive knowledge of setting up security/user roles.

For the purpose of this example, we will look at a Ciphr People system to which three Further Information fields have already been added for storing Keycard information, in the Personal Details screen:

In this example, we will demonstrate how to restrict access to the two fields, ‘Keycard Category’ and ‘Keycard Number’ to only certain users.

In order to achieve this, we will firstly place these two fields into a Field Group to which not all users will have access.

To the right is a list of the available Field Groups (Field Groups icon within the Security menu):

In this demonstration system, the ‘Secure Personal’ field group has been set up to store fields relating to an individual which hold more sensitive data, so whereas fields like Name and Job Title are allocated to the ‘Personal’ field group, fields like Bank Account Number, Sort Code etc have been allocated to the ‘Secure Personal’ field group. This has been done in order that users can see certain Personal Details related information without necessarily having access to all the fields in this area of the system.

In order to place our Further Information fields into the ‘Secure Personal’ field group, we will need to access the ‘Table and Field Admin’ menu item within the Security Menu. Selecting ‘PERSREC’ in the list of tables then selecting the ‘Fields’ tab will display a list of all the Personal Details fields in Ciphr.

The two Further Information fields ‘Keycard Category’ and ‘Keycard Number’ are listed as ‘PersrecClientFieldText1′ and ‘PersrecClientFieldNumber1′ respectively. Clicking on one of the fields in the list displays its properties in the lower part of the screen. The ‘Group’ field shows the field group to which this field is attached, so we will change this to ‘Secure Personal’ and save the change:

Then make the same change to the second field as required.

The below image shows how the Personal Details fields will then appear to a user who has access to all field groups with the exception of ‘Secure Personal’: