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Exclusive Ciphr Offers: July


As summer approaches and key staff begin taking their well-earned holidays, we thought it may be helpful to provide some exclusive new offers with this particular time in mind. Our outsourcing service (CIPOS) is used by a large number of our clients, to act as an experienced hand when times are busy or to cover key members of staff while they’re away. We’re able to fill in with simple data entry, devise new ways of completing system tasks faster or assist with overall HR process and strategy. To give you a kick start, we’re doubling the CIPOS hours included as standard with the next 10 services packages purchased, from 15 inclusive hours to 30! This represents a huge amount of work provided free of charge, which can be called upon as and when your needs arise.

In addition, we’ve created an offer for your next Ciphr upgrade (which includes more functionality than ever before) and ‘buy one get one free’ offers on all new Ciphr modules and Training Courses.

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Recent Client Wins


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