Latest Organisations to Choose CIPHR!


Just some of the organisation’s who have recently chosen to introduce Ciphr SaaS:

Walsall Housing Group Ltd

WHG is one of the largest and most successful providers of high quality housing in the West Midlands.

In the last eight years they have invested over £350 million in their homes and have developed a range of services that go beyond their traditional role as a landlord. WHG own 19,000 properties and  work hard to make sure that they are well managed and maintained so that their customers can enjoy them in safety and comfort.

Lingfield Notre Dame

Notre Dame School was founded in 1940 by three of the School Sisters of Notre Dame who arrived in Lingfield from Faversham with 14 WWII evacuees. Originally occupying small houses in the village, pupil numbers increased to 70 pupils by the end of the War and the Sisters purchased Batnors Hall on the present site of the Junior School.

Infrared Capital Partners Ltd

InfraRed manages specialist funds, creating value through investing in projects in infrastructure and real estate. With over 15 years’ experience in structuring and actively managing assets, they identify and develop compelling investment opportunities for a diverse, global group of investors.

Isabel Hospice Ltd

Enhancing the quality of life of patients living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses in eastern Hertfordshire.

Ri3k Ltd

RI3K (Reinsurance and Insurance for the 3rd Millennium) is the paperless trading service for the insurance and reinsurance industry. RI3K allows all types and classes of large commercial insurance and facultative and treaty reinsurance to be transacted over the Internet. Users simply log on and trade. RI3K has become central to the modern, paperless market, increasing efficiency, accelerating information, and driving out paper and cost.

Saul Trustee Company

SAUL started on 1 April 1976 and was set up to provide pension benefits for non-academic employees of the University of London. It now covers 50 colleges and institutions that have links with higher education including most of the colleges of the University of London, Imperial College and the University of Kent.

GSE Group Ltd

The GSE Group is unique. No other group of companies can provide as comprehensive a portfolio of skills and services to the building, civil engineering and construction sectors in the South East of England.

Poupart Ltd

The Poupart group of companies is committed to creating benefits and growth for all involved through the quality of its fresh produce, professionalism of its marketing and the excellence of the solutions it provides