Benefits and Tax Compliance


The end of the tax year is rapidly approaching, and with that comes the need to start delivering information back to HMRC. One process that is often ignored until it is too late is that of reporting employee’s benefits in kind – the P11D. The completion of P11Ds is often a lengthy and complex chore, involving exporting data, manipulating spread-sheets, filling in forms and double checking data over and over. In many organisations it might also include a lot of printing, collating and stuffing of envelopes!

For tax reasons, HMRC needs to know if any employees are receiving expenses or benefits as well as pay over £8,500. You can find out how to meet the requirements on HMRC’s website here.

There is of course, an easier way. Our P11D Organiser is the most powerful and intelligent benefits and expenses package on the market. Powerful import routines can validate and import all your other benefit data, and then the P11D Organiser can do the rest. Benefit statements and P11Ds can be e-mailed direct to connected employees, significantly cutting down time and resource requirements, filing to HMRC is electronic, ensuring the whole process is fast and accurate, and everything is controlled through an icon-driven interface that makes the software intuitive and memorable.

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