CIPHR Time Off In Lieu and Timesheets


We’re releasing two major new features to our software, the first being Time Off In Lieu and the second being Timesheets.

Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)

CIPHR TOIL gives managers, employees and HR the ability to actively track and monitor how much time off in lieu is outstanding at any particular time.  It allows users to request and use TOIL time in hours, enables managers/HR to verify these requests and it lets CIPHR People HR users remove hours from individuals’ TOIL balances.


This module is for employees to enter timesheets on a weekly basis and to provide a breakdown of their time spent against various activities.  It has been developed in collaboration with a number of existing and new clients.

Functionality will be extended to include:

  • Managing and assigning time to clients / projects
  • Capture and management of Flexitime
  • Capture and management of Flexi-Holiday

If you’d like to learn more about this new functionality and what it could mean to your organisation, get in touch and we’ll be happy to fill in any gaps.