Top Strategic Technology Trends For 2013


Gartner have recently identified what, they believe, will be the top strategic trends in the technology industry in 2013. Gartner is an information technology research and advisory company providing technology-related insight.

Technology Tends for 2013

Mobile Device Usage

In 2013 it is predicted that the use of mobile devices will increase drastically. This means that, rather than IT departments supporting a standardised, predominantly Microsoft-based environment, they are likely to be in the position where they are needed to support and implement integration for iOS, Android and Microsoft products. It is believed that by 2015 over 80 percent of the handsets sold in mature markets will be smartphones, and media tablets will account for approximately 50% of laptop shipments (source Gartner).

Mobile Applications

With the increase in mobile devices, the knock-on effect is that the number of apps that run on these platforms will also increase and evolve to meet consumer demand. As there isn’t one dominant platform for the development of these apps, it will be necessary for developers to broaden their design skills in order to create these apps.

The Personal Cloud

In much the same way that many businesses are moving to a cloud solution (such as Ciphr+), many individuals are also beginning to store their files online and use services offered within a cloud environment. Services offered by companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, CIPHR and Google allow users to carry out many daily tasks online, without the need to store files on a personal PC and allowing users to access their files from anywhere and at any time.

The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and are able to identify themselves to other devices. Wireless printers, smart phones/tablets and gaming devices have all been common place for a while now. The advent of Smart TV’s and the inclusion of ever-increasingly user interactive computer systems in cars will increase. As a result, the number of new services on offer will also increase.

Big Data

Big data will play a large part in an organisation’s strategic planning. Big data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools. The challenges include capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, analysis and visualisation. As more and more tools become available (such as CIPHR Decisions, Org Plus and CIPHR Workforce Management) to assist businesses in the collection and utilisation of their big data, this information will begin to play a huge part in the way in which a company positions itself and plans for the future.

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