What HR Need To Prepare For 2013 In CIPHR


December is a month that not only brings with it that ‘Christmassy’ feeling, but also the impending need to carry out end of year processes.  These processes are less time consuming if you have a modern HRIS such as CIPHR.  Below are the main areas that should be considered and prepared.

HR PRocesses

Holiday Year Rollover

In order to accurately track and record employee leave, it is important to ensure that the current holiday year is correct.  If your company has a policy of not allowing leave to be ‘carried forward’ then a communication should be made to all employees informing them of this policy and offering them a chance to book any remaining days.

Absence Year Rollover

As well as the holiday year rollover, it is also important to update the ‘Absence Year’.  This is important as it is the time frame which the system uses to calculate various statistical data and reporting figures.

For assistance in completing either the holiday or absence year rollover within CIPHR, please login to the CIPHR support portal, click on ‘FAQs’ and search for ‘holiday year’.  Here you will find a step by step guide.

Christmas Bonuses, Payments And Allowances

Any Christmas bonuses that the company may be offering should be calculated and processed through the system.  The bonus may be based on a percentage of salary, a flat amount or at the discretion of the appropriate manager.  Whichever format the bonus falls under, it is important to enter this into the ‘Payments’ area within CIPHR, as well as any other oneoff payments.

If there are any new allowances (ongoing, regular payments) which start in the new year, then these should be entered into the ‘Allowances’ area.

Data Validation

End of year is also an excellent opportunity to ensure that the employee data held within the system is up to date.  Using CIPHR Net is a great way to increase and maintain the accuracy of the data as it allows employees to update their own records as often as they wish.

One way in which this process can be completed is to create and publish a document on CIPHR Net asking employees to ensure that their record is up to date and accurate.  You can even create fields to complete in order to confirm that the employee has understood and actioned your request.  Contact the Service Desk for further assistance with this process.

Company Policies And Procedures

Company policies and procedures should be checked to ensure that they are correct and relevant regarding any changes that may have occurred within the business throughout the year.  Updating and publishing these documents through CIPHR Net is a straightforward process which will save HR time and effort when compared to completing this process manually.

Streamlining Processes

Consideration should also be given to any processes or procedures that could be streamlined, or improved through the use of CIPHR.

  • For example, linking employees Active Directory accounts to CIPHR, removes the requirement for IT to manually create network passwords, email addresses etc and ensures that data is consistent across the various business systems.
  • Using CIPHR Payroll to improve and streamline the payroll processes will save time and negate the need to manually enter data into spreadsheets or duplicate effort.
  • CIPHR Notifications can be used to automatically send notification emails to any employee or manager, based on your criteria (new starter, leaver, service, absence etc).


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