Business Trends To Watch In 2013


2012 brought many new and invaluable tools and solutions to the attention of professionals in all areas of business.  From marketing tools and gamification to data analysis and big data, the number of solutions available  increased, and continues to grow into 2013. Will 2013 start and continue where 2012 left off?

It’s all about the numbers – workforce analytics

Managers and business analysts are increasingly using workforce analytics to assess their current situation and strategise for the future.  Pulling information from various systems throughout the company and combining this into meaningful data will be a priority.  Big Data will also become more prominent in business analytics and forecasting as the availability of solutions increases and improves.

Wave goodbye to your desk and 9 to 5 – flexible & mobile working

Mobile devices and the ability to work out of the office from anywhere with an internet connection will mean that time in the office will become less of a requirement.  Businesses are realising that the workforce does not need to be sat at a desk to get the job done.  Access to internal systems from a remote location will be a major consideration in accommodating remote workers.

Social media will be the judge

As Social media continues to dominate the web, it’s affect on how and who companies recruit will increase.  As companies increasingly rely on Social Media profiles to vet prospective employees, it will become ever more important to make sure that your online entity is free from potentially damaging updates and information.  Companies will  use social media more and more to advertise positions, cutting recruitment costs and reaching larger audiences quickly and easily.

Embrace the ‘Cloud’

SaaS will continue to gain popularity in 2013 as businesses continue to look at ways in which they can cut costs and outsource services.  Sharing the responsibility and risks of business processes will allow your workforce to concentrate on proactive activities rather than the administrative tasks to maintain these activities.  As these solutions are available from anywhere, this will also enable a more flexible way of working.

Engage your workforce

Employee engagement programs will be a big factor in 2013. The increased use of Gamification to reward employees for tasks and objectives completed will aid this business objective. Reward schemes, team building and open door policies will enable businesses to prosper and create a happier, less stressful environment for its staff.  A happy workforce should be a top priority for all businesses in 2013.

Currently Social Media & SEO Marketing Executive at CIPHR, previously a CIPHR Senior Account Manager and previously still, a Senior Service Desk Analyst :)