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CIPHR is best known for CIPHR People, the leading HR and workforce administration system.  But did you know that we also provide solutions for other areas of your business too?  From IT to Finance, we can provide you with the tools to streamline your processes and achieve greater efficiencies throughout your business.

Solutions For Finance

Expense On Demand

ExpenseOnDemand is a 100% web based solution, designed to keep track of Time, Expense, Projects, Tasks and Resources of any organisation, large or small. It makes the management’s work simpler and improves the efficiency. The automation of the ExpenseOnDemand reporting function can provide many benefits; the reduction of labour effort, managing timesheets, elimination of duplicate data entry, and the ability to quickly provide detailed reports and project progress.

CIPHR Payroll

CIPHR Payroll

The functions of HR and payroll are so intertwined; there is a great need for a software system that effortlessly combines the two. Many companies have attempted to create their own integrated system with limited success. Now CIPHR Payroll offers you a truly integrated system that combines the very best HR functionality with premium payroll performance – completely seamlessly.

CIPHR online Payslips

CIPHR Online Payslips is a secure web-based solution that allows your employees to access and download their own payslips via a standard internet browser.

Publish payslips electronically and provide secure access via on online payslip portal, available anywhere an employee has an internet connection. CIPHR Online Payslips can be made available in conjunction with CIPHR Net or as a standalone web administered service.

CIPHR Paylink

Data integration between the functions of HR and payroll is often an essential organisational requirement. The benefits of such an interface are substantial; once only data entry to both systems will not only save input time and eliminate the need for duplicated checking but will also help to ensure consistency of data between systems.

Solutions For IT

CIPHR Connect

The CIPHR Active Directory Connector provides a powerful and flexible solution to keep your employee details up to date and accurate in your Active Directory (and/or other LDAP compliant directory services). Powered by the UMRA (User Management Resource Administrator) product, developed by Tools4Ever, CIPHR Active Directory Connector provides a one-way update from your HR Software or HR System to a single Organisational Unit in Active Directory as standard.

CIPHR Connect

Solutions For Recruitment

CIPHR iRecruit

The challenges faced by recruiters today are tougher than ever; fill key vacancies with talented candidates, reduce agency and hiring costs, reduce employee turnover, improve recruitment efficiency and report on every aspect of the recruitment process – including every penny spent on recruitment costs whilst projecting a positive image to candidates.

Human Resources Recruitment Software System

  • How difficult are you finding it to attract and recruit good candidates?
  • How efficient are your recruitment processes?
  • Do you know the true cost of your recruitment?
  • Are you spending your money wisely with the best people?
  • How much time is dedicated to servicing the recruitment process?

CIPHR i-Recruit Total is an online recruitment platform for leading organisations who want to directly manage their recruitment of, and relationship with, future talent. CIPHR i-Recruit Total enables organisations to manage the applications and relationships with thousands of applicants.

CIPHR Onboarding

First impressions count
New employees need support and guidance when they join your organisation; from understanding their position within the hierarchy as a whole, to finding important documentation, such as internal policies or company background information, to learning about your products or services.

You’ve found the right person, make sure you keep them
Once you’ve selected your new starters, it’s vital to ensure they have the best possible experience before they start. Take advantage of their eagerness to learn by accelerating their induction; get them excited about working for you and give them an early sense of belonging.

CIPHR Onboarding

Why is this important?
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you remember when you first started at your organisation? What was it like?
  • Do you have no-shows? How many people do you lose in the first month?
  • Is your induction process crammed into the starter’s first 2 weeks?
  • Is everything setup and in place for your starter as soon as they begin?
  • Do your new starters know what’s going on when they join?
  • Do your starters understand what’s expected of them?

Solutions For Workforce Analytics And Reporting

CIPHR Decisions

These days businesses generate and store a huge amount of data, not only about core functions but also about employees. However, simply being able to store mountains of data is only part of the equation. The ability to access that data and view it as information in a meaningful form, manipulate it to answer specific needs and output it in a way that people can use and understand, is what makes it truly valuable.

As more demands are being made on human resources to deliver business value and not simply statistics, its vital that you have a powerful reporting and analysis system like CIPHR Decisions to hand.

CIPHR Decisions

Org Plus

OrgPlus allows the user to visualise and analyse their organisational structure, configure specific views and reports, see the impact of ‘what-if’ scenarios and is an excellent complimentary product for Ciphr. OrgPlus leverages data directly from CIPHR People through powerful integration and allows HR to deliver business critical reporting with ease.

Organisation Chart Benefits

  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Improved information visibility and access
  • Reduced HR/IT requests for ad hoc reporting
  • Improved data accuracy and regulatory compliance
  • Reduced risk with improved organisation audit information
  • Improved organisational planning and modelling
  • Reduced administrative burden

Social Solutions


The role of HR is changing and diversifying on an almost daily basis. The only way you can hope to keep up with growing demands on HR time is to pass on some of the work that can effectively be done in other, more time-efficient, ways. CIPHR Net, when teamed with CIPHR People, lets you do just that.

CIPHR Net helps to ease some of the administrative burden in HR by enabling employees to perform some update functions for themselves. This includes amending all kinds of straightforward personal details, such as notifying change of address or emergency contact, adding qualifications or requesting leave of absence.

Absence Solutions

CIPHR Absence Manager

With sickness and absenteeism costing British business millions of pounds each year, sickness and absence management is a serious issue for HR professionals and business-owners alike. In dealing with such issues as frequent short term absenteeism or malingering and long term absence, intervention is often required to resolve any underlying personal or medical issues. With HR departments and line management under increasing time pressures, there is often an overall lack of management information, reporting and coordination of absenteeism records and resultant action within many businesses. The need for a simple to use, cost-effective, generic absence management system is consequently overwhelming.

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