5 Tips To Build Your Company Brand

COmpany Branding

Making potential clients (and existing clients) aware of your products and services is a key element to business success.  It doesn’t matter how great your offering is, if no one knows about it, and you are not portraying your brand effectively, then you may find it difficult to grow your clientele.  Marketing is all about messaging and creating the right impression.

Select And Create A Simple And Effective Brand Message

What is different about your company, compared to the competition? What is your USP (unique selling point)? Why should clients do business with you? These are all questions that should be answered in your brand message.  You don’t need to list all of the answers as such, but with the correct branding, you can portray a company culture and message that will attract clients.  Conveying this message in a simple and easy to understand way is key to success.

Set And Align Your Business Goals

Pretty much every business has a goal to make more money. This is all well and good, however, how will you achieve this?  Setting specific goals and objectives, aligned with your marketing strategy, will enable you to accurately measure your success, and how you achieved it.  It may be that you do not achieve some of your goals, this should be used to improve your processes and realign your strategies.
If you are using a third party Marketing agency, explain to them what your specific aims are over a period of time and then consult with them as to the best approach to achieve these.

Don’t Be Afraid, Be Bold!

Once you have your company brand agreed, spread the word.  Change all marketing and internally headed material to the new brand.  Re-branding your online presence (website, social media etc) will also help your business to get the word out to as many people as possible.  Don’t be afraid to tell people why you have changed or created the brand, this is a chance to expand on your new look, explaining why people should come to you for your products or services, your business goals and what sets you apart from the competition.

Get the marketing right and social media can spread the word for you!

Research And Measure Your Target Audience

Knowing the people that you are trying to attract will enable you to align your marketing strategy accordingly. This will enable you to identify your key strengths and weaknesses, you can then adapt your brand message to concentrate on, and promote your strengths.  It is also important to monitor reactions to your marketing and realign your strategy if required.  Interacting with your prospective clients is a great way to find out what they are looking for.  Contributing to online forums, attending seminars and events, and speaking to your existing client base are all great opportunities to carry out market research.

Learn And Improve

Continuing to learn from marketing successes and failures is part of any good business strategy.  Having the ability and agility to realign your company messaging will help you to continually improve your brand and adapt to market trends and changes.

Currently Social Media & SEO Marketing Executive at CIPHR, previously a CIPHR Senior Account Manager and previously still, a Senior Service Desk Analyst :)