You Need SaaS HR, And Here’s Why


SaaS HR (HR Software as a Service) has been a standard offering from CIPHR for a number of years now. More and more of our clients are making the change and upgrading to ‘Cloud HR’ in order to capitalise on the benefits. Listed below are just a few of the reasons that you should be seriously considering switching to the SaaS based CIPHR+.

SaaS HR won’t cost you your entire budget

With no large initial outlay or installation costs, SaaS HR offers an opportunity for Human Resources to upgrade to the latest technology available, without the need to spend their entire budget doing so. This often simplifies and shortens the buying cycle, as well as being a much simpler solution to implement. Ongoing cost of ownership is reduced, as maintenance of the system and environment are the responsibility of the supplier. Companies can spend up to 75 percent of their total IT budget just to maintain and run existing in-house systems and infrastructure.

You already use SaaS (and so do your employees)

webappsIf you were to ask your employees for a show of hands as to which of them did not have access to the internet, the chances are that none of them would do so. Everyone uses online services for a variety of activities, from music and film streaming to company presentation software.
It is this familiarity that leads to a greater acceptance of SaaS delivered applications within a business.


You get more flexibility

Being able to use a cloud HR application from anywhere with an internet connection allows greater flexibility and choice. Enabling your employees to work effectively away from the office not only increases morale, but also benefits your business as the access restrictions relating to your HR solution are removed, leading to greater productivity.

It makes your life simpler

SimplepuzzleAs SaaS HR automates such activities as regular system backups, upgrades and disaster recovery precautions, these duties are one less thing for the system supervisor to worry about, organise and monitor. All of the technical aspects of maintaining the Cloud HR system are taken care of by the provider, who has the key expertise and knowledge of their SaaS environment.

Because SaaS solutions are predominantly designed with the end-user in mind, they are more user-friendly than traditional, legacy applications. This reduces training costs and improves user adoption.

You get the latest and greatest

Both the hardware and software used within a SaaS environment should be of the highest standard and latest release of the respective program. There are no internal upgrade cycles to adhere to, you get the latest software available at no additional cost. This means that everything from security to the word processing program within the SaaS environment are always up to date.

You get the help you need, when you need it

SaaSsupportSupport for systems provided via the Cloud is often more effective than if the system were ‘client maintained’, as the supplier has direct, instant access to your problem or query. There is no need to arrange for a backup to be sent to the provider or for a technical representative to visit your offices, at a cost to you.

There is also an advantage regarding the environment in which the SaaS HR solution is housed, as this is set up and maintained by the provider, they are aware of all the components involved and are not required to rely on information passed to them via the client regarding their individual environment.

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