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It’s All About People Data for Walsall Housing


Leading Housing Association Opts for CIPHR for core HR System

Walsall Housing Group (whg), one of the largest and most successful providers of high quality housing in the West Midlands, opts for CIPHR+ for core HR System and moves from on-premise to SaaS delivery of HR systems. Continue reading →

Are you earning CIPHR Reward Points?


Double Points for Customer Referrals during July and August 2012!

The CIPHR Client Reward Scheme is running a special promotion for the months of July and August 2012. For every Customer Referral that you make (resulting in a meeting) we will award you a mouth-watering 500 Reward Points. If that referral leads to CIPHR business then we will thank you with a further 1,500 points to spend on CIPHR Continue reading →

Service Desk Online Portal


Our Service Desk is rolling out a new online support portal. Some customers have kindly helped us to implement the new system by testing it out.  The portal has issue logging built in so you can now submit issues online. We also have a live chat feature so even when you can’t talk, you can still communicate with us. If you’re looking for an issue that we’ve already answered for someone else, you can search the knowledge base to find the answer. This is part of our drive to provide the very best support possible to our users, delivering support in a number of ways to meet your particular needs and making our support quick and painless.

If you’d like raise support requests online right away, contact the Service Desk who will set up log in details for you.

Thank you to everyone who helped us to implement the new portal. We really hope you like it.


CIPHR Time Off In Lieu and Timesheets


We’re releasing two major new features to our software, the first being Time Off In Lieu and the second being Timesheets.

Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)

CIPHR TOIL gives managers, employees and HR the ability to actively track and monitor how much time off in lieu is outstanding at any particular time.  It allows users to request and use TOIL time in hours, enables managers/HR to verify these requests and it lets CIPHR People HR users remove hours from individuals’ TOIL balances.


This module is for employees to enter timesheets on a weekly basis and to provide a breakdown of their time spent against various activities.  It has been developed in collaboration with a number of existing and new clients.

Functionality will be extended to include:

  • Managing and assigning time to clients / projects
  • Capture and management of Flexitime
  • Capture and management of Flexi-Holiday

If you’d like to learn more about this new functionality and what it could mean to your organisation, get in touch and we’ll be happy to fill in any gaps.


Latest Organisations to Choose CIPHR!


Just some of the organisation’s who have recently chosen to introduce Ciphr SaaS:

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CIPHR at the SSA 2011


We were honoured to be nominated for the 2011 Software Satisfaction Awards, recognising excellence in business software. From 14 entrants, we were shortlisted in the top 5 finalists in the category of Enterprise Human Resources and Human Capital Management. The eventual winner was not a direct competitor of ours as they deliver solutions which cover just a small part of our overall offering.  We’d like to think we still hold the top position in our own field and we know we hold the top position with so many of our clients. Continue reading →

Ciphr Mobile App: HR is on the move!


Ciphr Mobile App set to be launched in the App Store!

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Ciphr Onboarding: Give your new employees a positive experience


First impressions count. New employees need support and guidance when they join your organisation; from understanding their position within the hierarchy as a whole, to finding important documentation, such as internal policies or company background information, to learning about your products or partners.

Ciphr Onboarding provides an easy to use platform for serving up these items to your new employees via Ciphr Net. This new set of pages can be added to your system by our Service Delivery team, who will also add your Onboarding content on your behalf. Your new employees can then simply login to Ciphr Net and have a wealth of knowledge and information about your organisation available to them, before they even start their first day.

Some example screenshots have been included below:

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20:20 & DAF Choose Ciphr SaaS!


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Exclusive Ciphr Offers: July


As summer approaches and key staff begin taking their well-earned holidays, we thought it may be helpful to provide some exclusive new offers with this particular time in mind. Our outsourcing service (CIPOS) is used by a large number of our clients, to act as an experienced hand when times are busy or to cover key members of staff while they’re away. We’re able to fill in with simple data entry, devise new ways of completing system tasks faster or assist with overall HR process and strategy. To give you a kick start, we’re doubling the CIPOS hours included as standard with the next 10 services packages purchased, from 15 inclusive hours to 30! This represents a huge amount of work provided free of charge, which can be called upon as and when your needs arise.

In addition, we’ve created an offer for your next Ciphr upgrade (which includes more functionality than ever before) and ‘buy one get one free’ offers on all new Ciphr modules and Training Courses.

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