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Performance Management Strategy – A Quick Guide


Performance management, especially in the current economic climate, is an essential business strategy. The ability to effectively plan, monitor and reward successful employees and managers ensures that both the business and its employees have a clear understanding of their own personal role within the organisation, and the business strategy as a whole.

Using Your Data – Workforce Analytics


In the current challenging economic climate, workforce analytics are more important than ever.  Knowing where your business is performing well and, more importantly, where it isn’t, can be crucial when strategic decisions are being made.

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Do Your Employees Enjoy Their Working Environment?


Above all, employees dictate the success or failure of a business.  A company can produce an excellent product or provide the best service, but if it’s employees are not happy in their environment then things will start to go wrong, and quickly.  Knowing how to motivate and retain productive, happy employees should be at the top of every Manager and HR professional’s agenda.

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Online Talent Attraction, Are You Doing It Right?


Attracting the right kind of talent for your organisation is not simply a case of adding a job to a website and waiting.  There are some important considerations and improvements that can be made to ensure your applicants are of a high calibre.

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The World Is Becoming More Social


Social Media is now playing a huge part in most people’s lives.  With approx 62% of adults worldwide now using social media of some kind, there is a huge marketing opportunity for every business sector.  New Social Media sites are springing up daily, some fail, some prove immensely successful,

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Collection Of Free HR eBooks


There are many different areas of HR Management and finding free information regarding these can be a time consuming task.  Below is a list of eBooks covering many aspects of the Human Resources spectrum.  Let us know in the article comments section if you have a link to any others.

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New Online Support Articles Now Live!

With 8 new ‘How do I’s’ created, we now have 115 live articles.

These articles will help you resolve some errors that you may encounter, improve your report writing skills and help you manage your system:

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How Can I Apply Security To Further Information Fields?

Further Information fields can be added to various areas of Ciphr People to store different types of information. This article demonstrates how these further information fields can be added to security field groups for the purpose of restricting access to certain information.

These instructions are only suitable for use by System Administrator users of Ciphr, with extensive knowledge of setting up security/user roles.

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How Can Ciphr Decisions Be Used To Produce Management Information?

Compatible Versions: All Versions

Ciphr Decisions is a data analysis tool that allows users to look at virtually any combination of pre-selected fields. For example Basic pay displayed by Grade and then by Location. One of the strengths of Ciphr Decisions is that reports, even complex ones, are displayed instantly.

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