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You Already Outsource Your Life, So Why Not HR?


One of the services that we offer at CIPHR is ‘HR Outsourcing‘.  This allows our clients to pass the responsibility of certain tasks, which would otherwise be completed by an HR representative, to us. This strategy offers many advantages as well as further strengthening our partnership with our clients. Moving to an outsourced service is not as much of a ‘leap’ as you might think, after all, you already outsource many elements of your personal life.

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Do Your Employees Understand Your Company Message?


Most companies will undergo a re-branding or re-positioning at some point,.  In an ever changing world, where the client is becoming more and more demanding, and presented (bombarded) with an endless torrent of advertising from companies vying for their custom, businesses need to adapt and adjust to the market.  Many spend large sums on new advertising campaigns, logos and strap lines, but forget about one, extremely important and effective resource, its employees.

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High-flying Recruitment – Playing the Long Game


Pressures on organisations to do more with less have been increasing as budgets are squeezed across the board. So, as the talent pool effectively shrinks it becomes ever more important for organisations to hone their recruitment processes to identify the relevant skills needed, find talent with that expertise and then build strategies for hiring, retaining, and training the workers to create competitive advantage. As ever, the challenge to HR is not the act of recruitment itself but the ability to find the right talent and then engage it effectively over the longer term. Continue reading →

How To Settle In To a New Company


Moving to a new role, in a different company, is an exciting but often stressful time.  Questions such as ‘what if I don’t settle in?’ and ‘how do I make a good first impression?’ are often in the forefront of one’s mind.  Below are a few tips on increasing the likelihood of a successful induction into your new environment.

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Something As A Service


Many people have heard of SaaS (Software as a Service), but this is just one of a number of services that are encompassed by XaaS (Something as a Service).  As more and more of the normally in house resources and responsibilities are offered as a service by online providers, XaaS will evolve to include many more of these acronyms.

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eRecruitment Success Guide For Job Seekers

Hired Rubber Stamp

It’s great that the world of online recruitment now allows job seekers to conduct their search from pretty much anywhere, that’s progress. In contrast however, there are now so many routes to finding your next career that the whole eRecruitment process can become a little daunting, and knowing a few basic tips and tricks can work wonders, and land you that perfect job.

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You Need SaaS HR, And Here’s Why


SaaS HR (HR Software as a Service) has been a standard offering from CIPHR for a number of years now. More and more of our clients are making the change and upgrading to ‘Cloud HR’ in order to capitalise on the benefits. Listed below are just a few of the reasons that you should be seriously considering switching to the SaaS based CIPHR+.

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Great HR Related Infographics


Infographics are a quick and easy way to view and consume a wealth of information.  Due to their graphical nature, many websites are using infographics to collate and share some very interesting HR related statistics and facts in a visually appealing format.

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Tough But Creative Interview Questions For An Employer And Applicant


In a previous article we detailed the changes that the recruitment process has undertaken and how it has  ‘evolved’ since the advent of  e-recruitment systems.  Filtering applicants based on certain criteria can be achieved using modern e-recruitment systems, and the applicants who qualify can then be interviewed.  The interview is the employers opportunity to gain further insight into who the applicant is and whether they will be right for the job.  It is also an opportunity for the applicant to find out more about the business and role that they are applying for.

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The Advantages Of BYOD


BYOD (bring your own device) is a policy adopted by employers to allow their employees to use personal devices at work.  There are many advantages to this practice which benefit both the employer and employee.  The policy is gaining popularity, with over 65% of employees currently utilising a personal device of one form or another within the workplace, for business use.

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