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What Should I Ask An Employer At An Interview?


The crucial stage of any recruitment process is the interview, both for the employer and the prospective employee.  The questions that the employer asks enables them to ascertain if the candidate is suitable for the position and obtain any information not contained within the candidates CV.  It is also vitally important for the interviewee to ask questions regarding the company and specific role to make sure that they are happy to proceed with employment should it be offered.

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Business Trends To Watch In 2013


2012 brought many new and invaluable tools and solutions to the attention of professionals in all areas of business.  From marketing tools and gamification to data analysis and big data, the number of solutions available  increased, and continues to grow into 2013. Will 2013 start and continue where 2012 left off?

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Beating The January Blues – How To Motivate Your Workforce

Motivate pinned on noticeboard

January is often perceived as an anti-climax following the Christmas period.  But perhaps it should be seen as a new beginning and a chance to set some fresh goals, motivate people and increase productivity.

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New Year Business Resolutions


It is likely that most people will be making a New years resolution, and attempting to stick to it come 1st January, at least for a couple of days!  But what about resolutions for your business?  Below is a selection of resolutions for 2013 that, if kept, will enable your company to move forward towards 2014.

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What Not To Say (Or Do) At Your Office Christmas Party


Office Christmas parties are, and always will be, both a fun and dangerous event!  Knowing what to say and do, and more importantly, what NOT to say or do can be the difference between a happy New Year and a VERY awkward January in the office!

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What HR Need To Prepare For 2013 In CIPHR


December is a month that not only brings with it that ‘Christmassy’ feeling, but also the impending need to carry out end of year processes.  These processes are less time consuming if you have a modern HRIS such as CIPHR.  Below are the main areas that should be considered and prepared.

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CIPHR Advent Competition!


To celebrate this wonderful time of year, we are giving our clients the chance to win £10 Amazon voucher every day on the run up to Christmas.  Each day you will be able to open the relevant advent window on our calendar.  Once opened, simply answer the question and email us your answer.

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5 Great TED Talks To Inspire And Motivate


Sometimes even the most motivated of employees has an off day, and require some additional motivation.  Below are 5 TED talks explaining how we can all find inspiration, motivation and happiness in what we do.

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Employee Recognition Program Ideas


Employees are the cornerstone of any business, without them, the business fails.  Demotivated or disgruntled employees can have a major impact on the bottom line too.  Introducing an employee recognition program is a great way of increasing morale and creating a culture of recognition and praise.

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Are LinkedIn Endorsements Too Easy?


Back in September (2012), LinkedIn launched a new feature to complement the ‘Skills and Expertise’ section of user’s profiles.  The feature allows users to ‘endorse’ the skills and expertise listed by a contact, but is this feature a replacement for recommendations?

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