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Benefits and Tax Compliance


The end of the tax year is rapidly approaching, and with that comes the need to start delivering information back to HMRC. One process that is often ignored until it is too late is that of reporting employee’s benefits in kind – the P11D. The completion of P11Ds is often a lengthy and complex chore, involving exporting data, manipulating spread-sheets, filling in forms and double checking data over and over. In many organisations it might also include a lot of printing, collating and stuffing of envelopes!

For tax reasons, HMRC needs to know if any employees are receiving expenses or benefits as well as pay over £8,500. You can find out how to meet the requirements on HMRC’s website here.

There is of course, an easier way. Our P11D Organiser is the most powerful and intelligent benefits and expenses package on the market. Powerful import routines can validate and import all your other benefit data, and then the P11D Organiser can do the rest. Benefit statements and P11Ds can be e-mailed direct to connected employees, significantly cutting down time and resource requirements, filing to HMRC is electronic, ensuring the whole process is fast and accurate, and everything is controlled through an icon-driven interface that makes the software intuitive and memorable.

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The Three HR Software Trends Taking Off


The human resources, payroll and talent management market is worth $15 billion and it’s starting to change. Instead of these requirements being managed in-house with expensive infrastructure, companies are moving to cloud based options, Software as a Service is becoming more and more popular.

With this shift comes a more integrated outlook, instead of a disparate range of different systems designed to solve their own small issues, people are looking for a single solution. From managing recruitment to training management and workforce planning.

Thirdly, these offerings being served through the cloud mean that Ciphr can offer solutions without huge investment and with a modular product based solution that meets all the needs of the future whilst integrating current HR needs.

Every business that has employees and pays wages needs some sort of management solution, as that solution becomes more accessible and complete, the time for cloud, is now.


Social Media In Recruitment


We’re particularly interested in the future of recruitment and with the rapid growth and integration of social media in our lives we went in search of how others have been using it for thier own companies. Continue reading →

Latest Organisations to Choose CIPHR!


Just some of the organisation’s who have recently chosen to introduce Ciphr SaaS:

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Our Top 10 Most Influential HR Professionals


For today’s post, we’ve produced a round-up of the top 10 most important, influential and interesting HR professionals in the UK.

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Compliance and improved efficiency using your HR solutions – The case for system integration

UK organisation’s are currently operating on minimal staffing levels, but the need for compliance and efficiency will still be as critical as ever. However, most will admit that they persevere with systems that have been inherited or changed over the years, resulting in a poor level of integration between critical business applications.

Often, each solution will operate entirely standalone, with no simple means of exchanging important information with other systems. This naturally increases the workload on departments such as HR and Payroll, who must duplicate data entry – leading to great losses in both time and effort.

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The Business Case for Implementing Employee Self-Service

Download Employee Self-Service Papers

“The Business Case for Implementing Employee Self-Service” PDF

This Briefing Paper explores the business case for investing in employee and manager self-service, from the widely-anticipated efficiency gains for HR functions, line managers and individual employees to the broader business benefits that come from better access to information. It also addresses the challenges organisations face as they attempt to roll out self-service.

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Leading Technology with Voice Capture Absence Management

If you haven’t arrived directly from our absence landing page, please view it here!

Download Absence Management Information:

CIPD Absence Survey: This absence survey, published annually by the CIPD, highlights in detail the most common and problematic sources of sickness absence recorded throughout the UK – and includes information on the best means to tackle these.

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How Can I Apply Security To Further Information Fields?

Further Information fields can be added to various areas of Ciphr People to store different types of information. This article demonstrates how these further information fields can be added to security field groups for the purpose of restricting access to certain information.

These instructions are only suitable for use by System Administrator users of Ciphr, with extensive knowledge of setting up security/user roles.

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How Can Ciphr Decisions Be Used To Produce Management Information?

Compatible Versions: All Versions

Ciphr Decisions is a data analysis tool that allows users to look at virtually any combination of pre-selected fields. For example Basic pay displayed by Grade and then by Location. One of the strengths of Ciphr Decisions is that reports, even complex ones, are displayed instantly.

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