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Business Trends To Watch In 2013


2012 brought many new and invaluable tools and solutions to the attention of professionals in all areas of business.  From marketing tools and gamification to data analysis and big data, the number of solutions available  increased, and continues to grow into 2013. Will 2013 start and continue where 2012 left off?

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The Evolution Of Mobile Technology In The Workplace


We all use mobile technology of some sort or another in our day to day working lives, but how is this technology evolving and what impact does it have on productivity, convenience and the way in which we work?

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Are Flexible Hours The Way Forward?


In a recent report from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, it is argued that businesses should be encouraging flexible working. Highlighted in the news by the recent London Olympics, flexible hours were granted temporarily by many organisations in order to ease congestion on public transport and the road network around the UK capital.

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