Free HR Briefing Papers

Webster Buchanan Research, an independent research company specialising in Human Capital Management, Multi-Country Payroll Strategy and HR Software, is publishing a series of Free Briefing Papers covering key topics for senior HR professionals and other senior managers. Published in association with Computers In Personnel, the papers are available for free download below.
  • From absence management to HRIT investment: assessing HRs priorities

This report analyses the findings of a survey of 100 HR directors and managers in the UK, carried out by Webster Buchanan Research. The survey examined a broad range of people management issues, from absence management to investment in software and services.

This survey examines:

 - Shortcomings in managing absence
 - Philosophies on recruitment
 - Drivers for investing in HR software or services
 - Investment priorities
 - Maximising existing investments
 - Poor HR analytical skills
 - Perceptions of Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Performance Management & Measurement in HR and Payroll

With the corporate bonus culture under fire and productivity top of boardroom agendas, effective performance management is once again a business priority across the public and private sector. Yet many organisations measure and manage performance in a piecemeal way, often held back by inadequate infrastructure and the limitations of their performance metrics.

This Briefing Paper assesses the practicalities of effective performance management in HR and payroll.

  • The Changing Dynamics of Talent Acquisition

Endemic talent shortages, challenging economic conditions, the rapid growth of web-based recruiting and opportunities in social media are combining to bring about significant change in the way organisations go about recruiting. From adopting techniques used by sales and marketing teams to assessing the business case for investment in web and other technologies, HR managers face a wide range of issues as they look to build an effective talent acquisition strategy.

This Briefing Paper assesses the challenges organisations face.

  • Managing Absence: The Missing Links

Awareness of the huge cost of sickness absence is growing rapidly, but efforts to tackle it continue to be hampered by basic operational shortcomings, particularly in the way organisations manage their data and procedures. This Briefing Paper examines the underlying problems and weighs up HRs options.

  • Managing Information and Change in HR: a Webster Buchanan Survey

Whats driving take-up of HR software and services today and what are the barriers? Why is payroll self-service adoption climbing so quickly? How much useful data is HR really giving the rest of the business? And are you one of the 44% of HR managers who keeps one eye on their CV when theyre deciding whether to purchase HRIT? Find out more in Webster Buchanans latest survey!

  • Balancing Cost and Service Quality in Payroll

With payroll departments under relentless pressure to cut costs and improve efficiency, this Briefing Paper examines what options are open to organisations looking to make both short-term and long-term improvements. Focusing on the difficult balance between reducing costs and maintaining service quality, it argues that organisations should weigh up a combination of strategic and tactical steps.

  • Weighing up the Business Case for HR System Outsourcing

This Briefing Paper from Webster Buchanan Research explores HR system outsourcing, an arrangement where customers pass responsibility for system maintenance, efficiency improvements and data management to a third party. Arguing that this is a business decision for HR, not just a technology decision for IT, the paper looks at the challenges and potential benefits, from cutting costs and reducing risk to enabling HR to get better value from its systems.

  • The New Realities of Talent Management : From workforce planning to performance measurement, a practical approach to managing the talent lifecycle in a slowing economy

Do the rewards you offer really match performance? Can you learn anything from your sales and marketing teams to improve your recruitment techniques? Do you have the right technology infrastructure to find, develop, measure and manage top talent? Find out more about the practicalities of talent management in this in-depth briefing paper.

  • Hosted HR Services : An analysis of the benefits, challenges and trends in HR, Payroll and Finance 'Software as a Service'

Hosted services, a form of software outsourcing, is rapidly growing in HR, payroll and expense management - and now, vendors are starting to add in new types of consultancy services. This in-depth briefing paper explores the benefits and challenges of the hosted services model, and looks at emerging trends.

  • People-based Business Intelligence : From HR Efficiency to Business Trend Analysis

Much HR reporting is still rooted in the inner workings of the HR department, rather than in the broader business issues that matter most to senior management. While its important to measure efficiency (such as How fast are you recruiting?), it's just as important to look at effectiveness (Are you recruiting the best quality people?) and the broader business impact (Which vacancies are hitting our business hardest?) This Briefing Paper explores how People-based Business Intelligence can transform HR reporting and analysis.

  • Recruitment 2008 : From Marketing Theory to the Practicalities of Web-based Hiring

Should your HR department be taking lessons from Sales and Marketing to sharpen up their hiring techniques? How are organisations managing the shift to online Recruitment? Are HR departments still happy with traditional metrics like 'time to hire', or are they starting to look at how Recruitment impacts the broader business? Find out what your peers think about these and many other issues in this 21-page report from Webster Buchanan Research, based on a survey of 100 HR Directors and Managers.

  • HR Self Service : Beyond Efficiency - Building a Broader Business Case for HR Self Service

Discussions about HR self-service have tended to focus on efficiency and cost factors - but the real implications are far broader. This Briefing Paper assesses the impact of self-service on a wide range of People Management activities, including Training, Absence and Performance Management.

  • Expense Management : From Efficiency to Effective Procurement

Travel and other non-PO expenses represent a significant outlay for most organisations, but many exercise poor control over their expenditure. This article assesses the business case for investment in expense management systems.

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