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  • Succession planning: The bigger picture -

Asking the big questions about sucession planning, where it fits in to the organisation and who should be included with Chris Berry (Computers In Personnel Ltd).

Which individuals in your organisation really need to have a succession plan developed for them? Is it just board-level executives, or perhaps each member of the senior management team? Or are there other individuals in key roles elsewhere in your organisation that are indispensable today like the technology expert who understands the intricacies of your HRIT system, or the payroll specialist who carries years of detailed knowledge in their head?

  • Key HR software developments in the year to come -

HR software is becoming an indispensable and ever more sophisticated tool for the profession. From the evolution of Software as a Service to clever e-learning tools and mobile technology, Helen Williams asks a wide selection of HR software providers and experts what they think HR will demand from software applications in 2010. Computers In Personnel Managing Director, Chris Berry, offers his insights for 2010.

  • Keep expenses in check - Payroll World

With UK employees costing businesses as much as 1bn a year in inflated expenses, automated systems are one solution to eradicating this problem. Key components are highlighted by Computers In Personnel.

  • Time Sensitive - Payroll World

Chris Berry, managing director at Computers In Personnel, is seeing organisations take a more integrated approach to operations management, human capital reporting and T&A, and, as he observes, this is for good reason. 'Talent management isn't just about recruiting, retaining and developing your employees, it is also about getting maximum value out of them'.

  • Managing expenses: When expenses become expensive - Rewards & Benefits Today

A hosted solution means that the application is accessed via the internet and resides on the supplier's servers. It is paid for by subscription and is far cheaper to set up, maintain and upgrade than traditional local software.

"The thing about expense management is that you're dealing with a high volume of relatively small transactions, and the benefits from automation are cumulative," explains Tracey Davies, head of sales at HR software provider Computers In Personnel.

  • The 'sick' prove a huge overhead - BIOS Magazine

They say that recognising you have a problem is half the battle won, but that doesnt seem to be true when you look at businesses attitude to absence. Lets face it; were all aware that absence carries a cost. The problem is, a lot of organisations dont know exactly how much - and they dont seem too concerned about doing something to tackle it.

  • Self-service can give your career a boost - People Management Online

The choices you make about business software and services are bound to have an impact on your career - a very negative impact if you get it hopelessly wrong and end up running some sprawling IT project that never ends, busts the budget and fails to deliver anything remotely resembling tangible value. And there are plenty of people out there wholl have realised during their software selection process that shoving a major SAP implementation on your CV isnt exactly going to hurt it. In fact, software and services play such an integral part in modern people management that there are very good reasons why you should boast about what youve done on the IT front, assuming you can translate it into some kind of business benefit. The only question is: are you polishing your CV at the expense of the greater corporate interest?

  • Technology: Self-service payback - Human Resources Magazine

Traditional employee self-service has been slow to take off - estimates from HR and payroll solutions provider Computers in Personnel reveals only about 50% of companies allow it. So will payroll self-service take off at a faster rate? The ball is in your court, but by allowing the tripartite of staff, HR and payroll to all work harmoniously together, it is a win-win (and extra win) situation.

  • Hire and Hire - Payroll World

Webster Buchanan Research, in association with HR software and services specialist Computers In Personnel, fewer than one in 10 organisations are able to handle web applications electronically throughout the entire recruitment process.

Chris Berry, managing director of Computers In Personnel, comments: 'Demand for recruitment software actually increases in a recession. Bear in mind that most organisations continue to recruit, if only to cater for natural wastage - and they're always on the look out for talented people'.

  • Automate your Payroll - SME Web Online

Adoption of online pay slips and other forms of payroll self-service is climbing rapidly as organisations continue to make strategic investments in HRIT, according to a survey published by Webster Buchanan Research.

The survey also found that while the top drivers for investment in HRIT are improving quality of service, cutting HR admin and reducing IT costs, 44% of HR managers also believe that expanding their personal experience and enhancing their CVs are important factors in determining whether to purchase HR software or services.

  • The big freeze highlighted the value of remote access - Human Resources Magazine

The CIPD's comment last month about the 'most wired big freeze we've everhad' rings very true. The bad weather may have stopped many from travelling into work, but a combination of HR self-service and outsourcing made it a lot easier for many companies to cope.

  • Do it yourself HR - Human Resources Magazine

According to HR software supplier Computers In Personnel (CIP), around 50% of major organisations have still to introduce Employee Self-Service (ESS) in any form. There are a number of barriers - some real, others more a matter of perception - that are holding it back. Among these are technophobia among older managers, equality of access concerns, implementation costs and data security worries ...

  • How Far Should Outsourcing Go? - Human Resources Magazine

When cost-savings are the main driver for outsourcing public-sector HR functions, service quality can suffer: Ensuring best practice must be the main focus. Read a PDF of the full article How Far Should Outsourcing Go?

  • CIP Launches Voice Recognition System to Cut Absence Costs -

Many organizations struggle to capture absence information and keep accurate records, relying on manual systems that are frequently inaccurate or inconsistent. As a result, managers often dont find out quickly enough when a team member is absent from work, human resource departments find it hard to identify and tackle individuals with repeat absence problems, and its difficult for organizations to analyze absence trends and dig into root causes. Computers In Personnel is launching Absence Manager, an intelligent software system that uses voice recognition technology to help managers tackle the problems and high costs associated with employee absences. Read the full article CIP Launches Voice Recognition System to Cut Absence Costs.

  • HR Self Service Emerges as Key Weapon in War for Talent -

A new report published by Webster Buchanan Research argues that HR self-service is starting to be put to broader use across the people management field, touching everything from recruitment and absence management to flexible working and trend analysis. Read the full HR Self Service Article.

  • Trafford Centre Improves Efficiencies with Online Recruitment -

Computers in Personnel is working with The Trafford Centre to increase efficiency within its HR department with the introduction of online recruitment processes. Already, nearly 50% of applications for positions at the shopping centre come via the website, freeing the HR department from many administrative tasks, reducing the volume of telephone calls it receives, and allowing it to focus on more value-added work. Read about how CIP helped the Trafford Centre Improve Efficiencies with Online Recruitment.

  • Online Recruitment -

HR seeks new Sales & Marketing skills - Recruitment is shifting from a traditional HR discipline to a sales and marketing exercise as web-based activity ramps up, according to a survey published today by Webster Buchanan Research.

  • Recruitment : Online Processes -

Online Processes - The Recruitment 2008 : From Marketing Theory to the Practicalities of Web-based Hiring survey, published by Webster Buchanan Research, uncovers a surprising reaction to social networking.

  • The Recruitment Revolution -

Just as the record industry is facing meltdown from web downloads, the traditional recruitment industry is facing a serious challenge in the shape of internet-based systems. Read about how the Internet has changed the rules.

  • High-Tech HR -

Is it the end for paper payslips? Read Catherine Wood's blog post for an article on web-based expenses and absence management automation. Read Catherine's blog on High-Tech HR.

  • Employees Are Our Most Valuable Asset -

Actually, if you've read your Dilbert, you'll know that's not true and it's really photocopiers; employees come in around number nine on the list. But number one or number nine, your employees are the source of your business's knowledge and ability; you may think you have business processes but it's your employees who actually get things done. So what technology are you using to manage that asset and how much more can you get out of it? Read the full article Employees Are Our Most Valuable Asset.

  • CIP Takes a Green Approach to Software Sales & Support -

Computers In Personnel today announced that it is investing in techniques to clean up the process of purchasing and supporting HR Software and Services. By adopting specialist collaboration and problem resolution technologies, CIP now offers its Clients a greener option for doing business. Read about how we took the Green Approach to Software Sales & Support.

  • Your Letters - Payroll & Human Resources Magazine

It was interesting to read your employee engagement article in last month's issue. It is surprising that employee engagement is so poorly measured in the UK because retaining good staff should be a priority ...

  • Facing up to ID - Payroll World

As Chris Berry, managing director of Computers in Personnel observes: 'We have noticed a general acceptance that technology is moving forward. People see that what was science fiction in years gone by has now become reality. In our experience they are not frightened of it'.

  • Three's a cloud - Human Resources Magazine

Computers In Personnel managing director Chris Berry says PaaS is fantastic for HR professionals who want to buy individual HR or finance software services, like recruitment or expense management.

  • Order of Merit - Director

Christopher Berry, managing director of Computers in Personnel, which supplies HR computer systems and has been a Royal Warrant holder since 1993, insists that it has brought benefits to the business that other quality stamps would not.

  • Payroll Trends Q&A - Pay Magazine

Chris Berry, managing director of Computers In Personnel: "I think we'll see growing take-up of hosted services, where an outsourcer runs the software and the customer accesses it over the internet. It takes away all the hassle of managing software but lets you process payroll in-house - so for many people that will be a great halfway house.

  • MPS analyses employee trends & generates detailed MI reports with CIPHR Decisions - IT Director

The Medical Protection Society (MPS), the leading provider of professional indemnity and expert advice to health professionals around the world, has vastly improved the quality of management information from its HR system by adopting CIPHR Decisions from Computers in Personnel (CIP). CIPHR Decisions enables the organisation's HR function to take high level data from its HR system and drill down into the details to provide meaningful business intelligence on employee issues and trends.

  • Getting the right system on board - Resourcing

Systems capable of automating the recruitment process from start to finish have been around for years but many resourcing departments still rely heavily on spreadsheet software and paper when it comes to managing the process in-house. In a survey of 100 HR directors conducted earlier this year by Webster Buchanan Research, and in association with HR software and services specialist Computers In Personnel, only 14% said they use software to manage their internal recruitment activities but almost a quarter planned to do so in the next 12 months.

  • Bringing down the cost of absence - Real Business

The software industry has been taking steps to make absence management easier, using tools built into standard HR management systems as well as specialist systems. You cant eradicate sickness absence, of course, but the better you monitor and manage it, the quicker you can start cutting the cost.

  • The importance of HR performance data -

Your HR department might have a great system in place to ensure performance appraisals are carried out on time - but are you able to slice and dice the performance data to find out which teams are working together most effectively, or identify the best-performing new hires over the last twelve months and where they were sourced from?

  • HR metrics helps HR prove its worth -

HR software provider Computers In Personnel recently researched what HR functions usually measure. It found that 90% report on the number of vacancies and 82% of organisations assess the time it takes to recruit. But only 23% report on the direct cost of recruitment, such as adverts or agency fees, 6% report on indirect costs, and just 5% measure the retention rate of new hires ...

  • The sales approach to recruitment - Human Capital Management

HR skills are taking a back seat to sales and marketing practices when it comes to recruitment these days.

  • The future today - Recruitment Consultant Magazine

As corporate clients begin to take up the technology available to recruiters, consultants need to work smarter argues Chris Berry.

  • HR Software: A better approach to absence management holds the key - Personnel Zone

Sick staff cost UK businesses an average of 692 a year, per employee. A typical organisation of 500 employees could save over 46,000 if they were able to reduce absenteeism by just one day per staff member. Absence management systems help you do that and the options just got better! argues Chris Berry, managing director of Computers in Personnel.

  • How far should outsourcing go? - Human Resources Magazine

When cost savings are the main driver for outsourcing public-sector HR functions, service quality can suffer. Ensuring best practice must be the main focus. Robert Gray reports.

  • Tougher times boost interest in software on demand - HR Zone

In recent years HR has been a particularly fertile area for making business software available 'on demand' through web-hosted servers. But with financial pressures on business increasing, this approach is being seen as less of a technology fad than a sensible route to more effective IT investment.

  • HR 'changing recruitment strategies' -

A study by Webster Buchanan Research has indicated that recruitment is shifting from traditional HR discipline to a sales and marketing exercise as web-based activity grows.

  • Employees are our most valuable asset (snigger) - IT Pro

At one large company that hes too polite to name, when Berry suggested an automated system employees could use directly, the head of HR told him they couldnt consider it; after all, what would the 50-strong admin team do then?

  • The Recruitment revolution: How the Net has changed the rules - HR Zone

Computers in Personnel's managing director Chris Berry puts a persuasive case, beginning with the reduced overhead costs that come from cutting the time spent and the manpower devoted to recruitment.

"There are a lot of ways that you can streamline recruitment processes by cutting out paper," he continues. "It's better to receive 100 CVs electronically than to pay someone to open the post. And it's quicker to move candidate information from person to person electronically than send CVs through the internal mail."

  • Software Solutions right under your nose - HR Zone

If you're looking to reduce absence or provide better information to your senior management team, the answer might already be at your fingertips. Chris Berry, managing director of Computers In Personnel, argues that the HR system you already own could do far more than you realise.

  • It pays to make your staff policy public - The Sunday Times

Law firm CMS McKenna (a Computers In Personnel client) has published a report on how it manages its personnel and made it a key part of its business strategy.

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"We're already realising many benefits of the new system, not least of a greater level of visibility and reporting information. It's proving invaluable to our managers with the people management aspects of their role"