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ExpenseOnDemand : Expense Management Software

ExpenseOnDemand is a 100% web based solution, designed to keep track of Time, Expense, Projects, Tasks and Resources of any organisation, large or small. It makes the management's work simpler and improves the efficiency. The automation of the ExpenseOnDemand reporting function can provide many benefits; the reduction of labour effort, managing timesheets, elimination of duplicate data entry, and the ability to quickly provide detailed reports and project progress.

Controlling Employee Expenses

ExpenseOnDemand can effectively manage staff expenses incurred by all payment types, including cash, credit card or corporate fuel card. Full exchange rate capability is provided to enable expenses incurred anywhere in the world to be submitted in local currency and repaid in your home currency. ExpenseOnDemand has a real impact on the management of costs and outgoings within an organisation.

Automated Expenses Software

ExpenseOnDemand enables you to monitor and manage the organisation expense bill right up to the minute. A suite of standard reports provides valuable information about expenditure for any period and enables pending expense claims yet to be submitted and paid to be reviewed. Overspend by employees or approvals of overspend by manager can be monitored, enabling breaches of expense policy to be highlighted and controlled.

Track the time spent travelling or on projects. Record time based activities, analyse where resources are used and simply allocate rechargeable time to clients or against general activities.

The website is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and its centralised data storage means there is no need for additional hardware.

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