CIPHR Active Directory Connector

CIPHR Active Directory Connector

The CIPHR Active Directory Connector provides a powerful and flexible solution to keep your employee details up to date and accurate in your Active Directory (and/or other LDAP compliant directory services). Powered by the UMRA (User Management Resource Administrator) product, developed by Tools4Ever, CIPHR Active Directory Connector provides a one-way update from your HR Software or HR System to a single Organisational Unit in Active Directory as standard.

HR & IT Active Directory Tools

HR & IT departments will relate to the burden suffered when a new employee joins their organisation, and the effort required to setup the new user accounts, memberships, permissions and directories - some of which may be overlooked, or leave scope for human error, whilst preparing for the employee's induction into the organisation. CIPHR Active Directory Connector automates these laborious tasks easing the workload and the reliance on human intervention.

The CIPHR Active Directory Connector allows you to pre-specify rules based on your organisation's structure and workflow that automate these processes and ensures that the tasks have been completed accurately prior to the employee commencing work on their first day. This automation not only removes the potential for error, but in doing so saves time, effort and money.

Compliance is of key importance to HR & IT and it is essential that leavers cannot access your organisation's network/email once their leaving date has passed, CIPHR Active Directory Connector automates the disabling, deletion or archiving of leaver accounts based upon your pre-determined rules and instantly safeguards your system against unwanted access.

Active Directory Forms & Delegation Module

The forms & delegation module is a powerful means of devolving the responsibility of certain Active Directory tasks, such as creating a new user, resetting a password or moving a user, to system administrators through a simple to use, child-proof graphical user interface. The forms module allows greater control of ad hoc Active Directory updates, where the user account or group memberships is not dependant on a precise set of rules, or where you want the control for these items to be retained within the IT department.

Primary Group

"We're already realising many benefits of the new system, not least of a greater level of visibility and reporting information. It's proving invaluable to our managers with the people management aspects of their role"