CIPHR Decisions

CIPHR Decisions

These days businesses generate and store a huge amount of data, not only about core functions but also about employees. However, simply being able to store mountains of data is only part of the equation. The ability to access that data and view it as information in a meaningful form, manipulate it to answer specific needs and output it in a way that people can use and understand, is what makes it truly valuable.

As more demands are being made on human resources to deliver business value and not simply statistics, its vital that you have a powerful reporting and analysis system like CIPHR Decisions to hand.

Real-time HR Management Information Reporting

Using sophisticated data warehousing and Microsoft analysis services, CIPHR Decisions allows you to mine and manipulate HR information and to reveal insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

CIPHR Decisions can be expanded to include access to payroll, attendance and finance data, along with other key company databases, such as marketing and productivity. In this way you can see quite clearly the relationships between disparate sets of data, identify trends and be sure you have a clear interpretation of all the facts and what they mean before you go any further.

HR Database Reporting

Many core HR Software and HR Systems already contain a basic, static reporting tool that can compile and output information into straightforward reports. CIPHR Decisions is an essential compliment and enhancement to the capabilities you already possess. Its advanced analytic performance enables you to access information from a multitude of sources and manipulate it to achieve in-depth speed of thought analysis that has previously only been available in systems costing many times the price.

CIPHR Decisions gives you the ability to see aspects of your organisation and data that are hidden from view. It enables you to not only see behind the data, but to drill right down into it and question the answers that it throws up as you search. It gives you the informational insight and back up you need to be confident about the strategic conclusions you draw - and the ability to answer any additional queries that are thrown your way. All of this at the speed of thought itself.

Primary Group

"We're already realising many benefits of the new system, not least of a greater level of visibility and reporting information. It's proving invaluable to our managers with the people management aspects of their role"