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CIPHR Onboarding
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First impressions count
New employees need support and guidance when they join your organisation; from understanding their position within the hierarchy as a whole, to finding important documentation, such as internal policies or company background information, to learning about your products or services.

You've found the right person, make sure you keep them
Once you've selected your new starters, it's vital to ensure they have the best possible experience before they start. Take advantage of their eagerness to learn by accelerating their induction; get them excited about working for you and give them an early sense of belonging.

Why is this important?
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you remember when you first started at your organisation? What was it like?
  • Do you have no-shows? How many people do you lose in the first month?
  • Is your induction process crammed into the starter's first 2 weeks?
  • Is everything setup and in place for your starter as soon as they begin?
  • Do your new starters know what's going on when they join?
  • Do your starters understand what's expected of them?

When new employee's get off to a bad start, they may never fully understand your organisation or their role within it. This can lead to poor integration into their new team, low morale and a failure to capture that early burst of enthusiasm that they can offer your organisation. In some cases, the new starter may feel that your organisation isn't right for them and choose to leave.

How does CIPHR Onboarding address these issues?
CIPHR Onboarding provides an easy to use platform for serving up these items to your new employees via a secure portal. This new set of pages can be added to your system by our Service Delivery team, who will also add your Onboarding content on your behalf. Your new employees can then simply login to CIPHR Net and have a wealth of knowledge and information about your organisation available to them, before they even start their first day.

Some example features and screenshots can be seen below:

Welcome Page

Introduce your organisation with an Onboarding Home Page. This can include videos, images, links, employee quotes and more.

Company Introduction

Give your new employee some background information on your organisation, such as your Vision & Mission statement or Company History/Timeline.

Introduce Key Employees

Introduce key figures within your organisation (e.g. Meet the Directors); include quotes or images to help your new employee understand your organisation's aims.

Help New Employees Find their Feet

Starting at a new organisation can be an unsettling time. Ensure your new employees know where to go, who to meet with and what they should be provided with when they join.

Provide Easy Access to Key Documents

CIPHR Onboarding provides the perfect platform for giving your new employees access to key documentation, such as internal policies and procedures. You can also configure these to request policy acceptance by the employee.

Products and Services

If your organisation has a number of key Products or Services, you can briefly introduce them via CIPHR Onboarding, including links to their sites/resources.

Display Location/Department Gallery

Using CIPHR Onboarding's filterable gallery, allow new employees to view your different Offices, Departments or Teams.

Add A Rolling Company Presentation

If you prefer to use images to present your timeline or some key presentation slides, our auto-rolling presentation function can do this easily and quickly for you.

Find Out More

If you'd like to improve your new employee's experience, contact us now for further information on CIPHR Onboarding.
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"We're already realising many benefits of the new system, not least of a greater level of visibility and reporting information. It's proving invaluable to our managers with the people management aspects of their role"
- Helen Archibald, HR Director