Ciphr Safeguard

Ciphr Safeguard

Ciphr Safeguard is a web-based software system designed to manage and control all aspects of Safety, Health & Environmental compliance within your organisation. Safeguard consists of a series of modules, allowing you to pick and choose the functionality you require to fit in with your business needs.

By giving you the best tools to assess and manage risk, Safeguard gives you control - and with it, the power to target problem areas, reducing risk and its associated costs.

Computers In Personnel has partnered with Rivo, the market leaders in Safety, Health & Environmental software solutions for multi-site organisations, to deliver Ciphr Safeguard. Rivo has successfully implemented Safeguard in over 30 different countries to date with customers that include many of the UKs largest enterprises, from a wide variety of industry sectors.

Compliance : Complete control and visibility

Ciphr Safeguard enables you to view the state of compliance across your organisation at any time. Regardless of the number of users you have or their location, Ciphr Safeguard effortlessly manages the entire compliance process including identifying problem areas, assigning corrective actions and tracking results.

Flexible and easy to use

Ciphr Safeguard's flexibility allows you to capture the exact information that you require. The system is highly intuitive, with a familiar look & feel for users. Its ease of use means faster acceptance and lower training costs.

Proven track record

A proven system, Ciphr Safeguard has been successfully implemented across thousands of locations worldwide and is delivering impressive results in terms of reducing risk and the costs involved in managing risk.

Powerful health and safety management reporting

Real-time management information on the trends and patterns across your organisation is readily available at the touch of a button.

Secure and professional

As a web-based, hosted, service you will incur no hardware costs, nor will you have to install software onto your machines. By hosting the application in a secure, dedicated, environment and using industry standard technologies, we are able to ensure high availability.

Access control

All users must logon to access Ciphr Safeguard. Permissions are set for each user according to the locations that they need to see and their responsibilities.

Primary Group

"We're already realising many benefits of the new system, not least of a greater level of visibility and reporting information. It's proving invaluable to our managers with the people management aspects of their role"