CIPHR Training

CIPHR Training

Training has to be a continuous process if your organisation is to maintain its strength. It is essential to analyse skills gaps in your workforce and to ensure that employees are adequately trained to carry out their job requirements. CIPHR Training has been created to help you identify who needs training, in what and then to keep track of the training they undertake, evaluate it and monitor the cost and benefit.

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Whether your training is in-house or outsourced, classroom, on-the-job, distance or open learning, computer based or an NVQ program CIPHR Training can track it and keep a training record for each activity undertaken. Training needs can be identified against skills gaps, waiting lists generated from training needs, and training booked and associated against those needs.

Training budgets are a precious resource intended to be spent on enhancing the skills of your workforce rather than wasting them on administering the training process.

Integral to CIPHR Training is a budget and cost management facility. All training related costs and expenses can be recorded against each training activity and monitored against cost centres, courses and delegates.

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Like any investment training needs to be managed and analysed. CIPHR Training includes several reporting and information access features that can make life a lot easier. Evaluation question sets enable not only post training critique to be monitored, but can be designed to monitor the benefits of the training, and ultimately help you plan for future course selection.

Comprehensive reporting facilities will let you monitor where your training budget is being spent and help you identify where your training and skills gaps lie.

Team CIPHR Training with CIPHR Net and your course bookings can be published and managed via the company intranet offering employees and line managers the ability to apply for and record the feedback on training activities undertaken.

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"We're already realising many benefits of the new system, not least of a greater level of visibility and reporting information. It's proving invaluable to our managers with the people management aspects of their role"