Compel Training Manager

Most successful companies spend a substantial portion of their budget on training each year. These resources are precious and it's important to ensure they are spent well and effectively. What you don't want is to end up wasting funds on administering the training process, rather than on enhancing the skills of your workforce.

Compel Training Manager has been created to help you keep a tight rein on every aspect of your training programme and can be applied to all types of training, whether in-house or outsourced.

Classroom, on-the-job, long distance and computer-based training can all be included, as well as NVQ programmes.

The result is less paperwork and pressure for you, fewer errors and a more cost effective system.

The nuts and bolts

Compel Training Manager helps you analyse who needs training in what and to keep track of any training undertaken. Use it to book venues and trainers, as well as generate the correspondence and documentation needed to make sure it all happens where and when it should and with the right people!

You can also use it to keep a close eye on costs. An integral budget and cost management facility enables you to record all training-related outgoings and analyse them against courses and delegates.

Easy-access records

Personal File is exactly what it says: a filing facility for every type of document that would normally clutter up a filing cabinet. It enables you to store everything from joining instructions and course certificates, and call them up at the press of a button, whenever you need to.

Facing the facts

Compel Training Manager includes several reporting and information access features that can make life a lot easier. A colourful training planner enables you to see all the training that's scheduled up to six months ahead, so you can immediately see when a course is oversubscribed or, in contrast, short on bookings. If you want to know more about a specific course, all you have to do is point at it and follow the drill-down options to find what you need.

Then, when the training is complete, a powerful report-generating feature can help you to analyse course feedback, supporting investment in the training that's been undertaken and helping with future course selection.

A helping hand

Every HR department has procedures that need to be followed, such as booking delegates onto an event. The Process Assistant details those procedures as a series of steps which guide users through the necessary actions and records each step as it is completed.
Primary Group

"We're already realising many benefits of the new system, not least of a greater level of visibility and reporting information. It's proving invaluable to our managers with the people management aspects of their role"