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HR Software Training : Training for HR Professionals

Research among computer software users confirms the staggering fact that the vast majority never employ more than 30% of the functionality available to them. This not only represents a waste of investment but also implies that software users are spending most of their working lives using tools with which they do not feel confident. In most cases the problem is that too much reliance is placed on the ability of employees to learn from one another.

Our Training moves you from Competence to Proficiency :

Computers In Personnel software is so intuitive that it can be tempting just to let your people get on with it - learning as they go. After all, software has been designed to work naturally with your current practices. Up to a point, this policy would work, making existing processes faster. However, the processes themselves would stay the same.

To realise the full potential of your people and the software they use, it is essential to give them access to the right training.

Courses Developed by HR Training Professionals :

Our training methods and materials have been proven over 15 years. Courses are developed and conducted by our own team of personnel and training consultants and are continuously refined in light of feedback from clients.

Our approach is a flexible one. A Computers In Personnel training professional is always available to discuss your specific requirements and to propose a tailored plan assembled from our extensive range of training options.

Other Training Information :

Our training courses are designed for flexibility; Courses can be hosted at one of our regional training centres or at your own offices - with your data or ours. To match your unique requirements, Computers In Personnel also offer bespoke training courses, designed with your specific goals in mind.

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