Training Course Outlines

Computers In Personnel Training Courses can be held in Marlow, Bucks or at your own offices.

For more information on training services or prices please email or call 01628 814 010.

Further information can be found on the Course content below. Simply click on the Course name to download the full Course outline. Alternatively, download all Course outlines for your product range here:

All CIPHR Course Outlines (5mb, zip) | All Compel Course Outlines (5mb, zip)

CIPHR Courses Duration
CIPHR iRecruit Familiarisation 1 Day
CIPHR People Familiarisation 2 Days
CIPHR People Refresher 1 Day
CIPHR Security Manager 1 Day
CIPHR System Manager 2 Days
CIPHR Net Familiarisation 1 Day
CIPHR Report Writing 2 Days
CIPHR Report Writing - Extending Your Knowledge 2 Days
CIPHR Decisions Familiarisation 1 Day
CIPHR Recruitment Familiarisation 1 Day
CIPHR Training Familiarisation 1 Day
CIPHR Training - System Manager 1 Day
CIPHR - A Managers' Overview 1 Day
Orgplus - Organisation Charting 1 Day
Compel for Windows Courses Duration
Compel Personnel Manager Familiarisation 2 Days
Compel Recruitment Manager Familiarisation 1 Day
Compel Training Manager Familiarisation 1 Day
Compel Report Writing the fundamentals 2 Days
Compel Report Writing - Extending your knowledge 1 Day
Compel System Manager 1 Day
Compel Security Manager 1 Day

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"We're already realising many benefits of the new system, not least of a greater level of visibility and reporting information. It's proving invaluable to our managers with the people management aspects of their role"
- Helen Archibald, HR Director